Friday, August 27, 2010


Tom Yum soup is the bomb, here is why:

1. It is super delicious, fragrant and tastes like a holiday in Thailand
2. When you make it for a dinner party people will think you have slaved away for the whole day and you will look like a domestic goddess.
3. You can use all the sad veggies that have been moping in your veggie drawer all week and are about to go off.
3. It takes 15 minutes to cook so you can make it for dinner and be on the couch before private practice starts (This is its most endearing trait I think)

(makes enough for 4)

4 chicken breasts chopped or 
5 prawns per person (I usually just use a punnet of those woolies pre-cooked ones much easier)
2 cups of diced veggies (ie baby marrows, baby jem squash, asparagus, baby corn, long stem broccoli, 
I have even thrown in english spinach you really can chuck in what ever is in your fridge)
1 cup chopped mushrooms
1 cup baby tomatoes
1 Litre of water
Tom Yum Paste - You can get a bottle of this at most supermarkets. I buy mine from Everfresh.
1.5 chicken stock cubes
1 teaspoon Fish Sauce
A handful of fresh corriander


1. Brown the chopped Chicken breasts and set aside. If you are going with the prawn option you can skip this step as they are pre cooked so you can just chuck them into each bowl when the soup is done.

2. In a medium sized pot, bring your liter of water to the boil. Turn the heat down to a simmer and add your stock cubes, let them dissolve. 

3. TOM YUM PASTE IS BLOODY HOT, so use it with caution. Add one tablespoon of paste to the water and stir it in. Taste the soup and keep adding tom yum paste until you reach a heat level that your taste buds are comfortable with. Chuck in the Fish Sauce.

4. In another pot, start cooking your noodles.

5. Chuck the remaining ingredients except the corriander- into the pot and let them simmer until they are done to your desired likeness. When they are done take the soup off the heat and throw in the corriander.

6. Get your serving bowls out. Put some noodles in the bottom, divide the prawns/ browned chicken between each bowl and fill them up with soup. 

7. If you spill some on your couch or top use clean green to get it off- it is the only solution believe me I have tried.

* Why not serve little mouthfuls of tom yum at your next dinner party, if you don't have spoons you can also use shot glasses.

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  1. We tried this on the weekend - and it was amazing! - so quick, easy and super tasty.... - we were a bit too cautious on the tom yum paste tho and as a result could have gone hotter - but that is how we make it better next time.