Monday, August 2, 2010


The july completely snuck up on me this year It came and went in a flash and I am mortified about the fact that I do not have 1 picture to prove I was even there (my severe 2 day hangover has confirmed that I did do something wild and spectacular though) - sob. Because of this seriously epic fail on my July fashion front- thanks for nothing camera clinic- I would like to put out a tender- what did you wear to the july girls and boys? E-mail me a piccie of your fashion faves and faux pas so we can have an invited designer show of our own. Who knows there might even be prizes:) and or fame.


  1. i wish i could send you a pic, but alas i was in the same state and only have a dull thud in the head to prove it!

  2. I ended up going at the last min so threw something pretty plain together, sigh! Sounds like you had a good time though! x