Thursday, August 19, 2010


I love how intellectual creatives can get when they are fighting for their cause. Cell C is busy trying to persuade the Registrar of Trademarks and legal experts that they have not stollen the Copyright Company's logo. Personally I see no difference between the two symbols, but Cell C claims that theirs isn't just a little circle with a C inside. Infact they say

 "the new logo reflects Cell C's vision of understanding its customers and tailoring solutions around them. The white space between the black "C" and solid circle is symbolic of the customer. There is no significance in the Cell C Logo resembling the copyright symbol. Primarily, the "C" in the centre represents Cell C putting the customer at the centre of everything it does." via Moneyweb

I actually laughed out loud when I read that. Do they really think people will see that?
Do you see all that emotional stuff? 


  1. Yes, how stupid do they think we are, bank ads are the ones that really amuse me. x Terry - Durban Artist

  2. thats just lazy designers - not taking the time to come up with something original!!