Monday, August 30, 2010

If you don't live in cape Town Block your eyes...

 A while ago I posted about &Union's sexy beers, remember there was that one with the glorious sunshine yellow label? Here I will show you again..

Totally sexy beer. Anyway, The guys at &Union and Jack Black beer have teemed up with The greatest market on earth and maybe in the world- The Neighbourgoods Market- to bring you The Craft Beer Festival (The first of its kind in South Africa I might add so very prestigious) giving you the opportunity  to get up close and maybe even put your mouth onto one of these ice cold ones. This fab day out is not only for beer lovers, the line up includes "Real Beer producers, foodie enthusiast and those that appreciate the art of craft brewing." I think its going to be rad. 


  1. thanks.... now i am really depressed - its monday firstly (after a weekend of hard work which means no weekend at all!) and then you go and show me this! Man! what i would give to go to that beer festival..... *sighs*

  2. Love their beers and packaging, genius!