Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some more Summery feelings

I am the biggest fan of Women's Secret they have a store in the Waterfront in Cape Town and is one of my absolute essential stops when I am in the mother city. Not a lot of underwear brands manage to pull off (ha ha do you get it? pull off + underwear!) garments that are well made and comfortable whilst still being sexy and flirty. Often, the flirty frills and sexy cuts leave you flustered and fidgety from the constant battle between you and your wedgie (don't lie to me you know it is true) and the comfy ones leave you looking about as sexy as a Christmas turkey. Buying undies is a bit of a gamble. Enter Women's Secret. Their garments are playfull and flirtatious but also very very comfy. It is so nice to find a brand that gets it right. So, In the spirit of all things Summery I present to you the Women's Secret Spring and Summer ranges.

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