Friday, August 27, 2010


Bonjourno! No I am not dead, nor have I forgotten about you. Last week I had my first Flu in 2 years and it was horrible, The Bird was away on his manly week with the bugga's so I decided to eff it and go on a sympathy and wellness seeking getaway with my most glorious girlfriend (MGGF) and the engaged ones up in Joburg.

I landed on Friday evening, MGGF Picked me up from the Gautrain station- very Civilised I must tell you, and whisked me off to Tashas- the home of the biggest wine glasses in the world- where we proceeded to floor a bottle of wine (I figured if medicine wouldnt work I should try drinking) we might also have devoured a magnificent slice of pecan pie but its all hearsay. MGGF's Hubby then came and met up with us and steered us in the direction of Meze Poly where we continued to devour another bottle of wine and some rIdiculously tasty greek tapas. 

* The pic in the top left is the treat table at Tasha's. I wanted to show you now so that when you go there you will know how to identify it an look away before its too late.

Let me just tell you that any doctor who says anti-biotics will cure you has clearly never tried drinking his problems away. After 7 days of lying in bed taking medicine keeping myself hydrated eating chicken soup and pretty much following the textbook guidelines to recovery all I got was sicker. 2 bottles of wine in 1 go- BAM cured! 

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