Thursday, August 19, 2010


Morning ya'll! I am happy to report that I am feeling a little more human today yay so you can stop worrying I am going to live:) First order of business for the day is The SA Blog Awards. What is this you ask? 

"The SA blog awards is a showcase of the very best of South African blogs. We will endeavour to bring South African bloggers to the forefront of peoples attention, both locally and internationally, increasing exposure for South Africa's great bloggers; and in the end reach out and touch people who are outside the realm of blogging and have them discover what they are missing. "

That should give you a pretty good understanding of what is going on now. In order for DurbanCentral to reach out and touch people outside of the realm I am going to have to kindly ask that you lovelies take a moment out of your day and click on the the SA Blog Awards banner situated on the right hand side of my blog (same as the one pictured in this post) and give DC a little green thumbs up in the Best new blog category (it would also be nice of you to support some of the other local bloggers out there too). Now listen close because this part is important- once you have clicked on nominate and selected your category and danced through a hoop of fire you will be prompted to fill in your email address. A mail will then be sent to you MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON THE LINK IN THE MAIL TO VERIFY THE VOTE  if you don't follow through your vote will be lost and my dreams of reaching out and touching people will be dashed and millions will lose out.

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