Monday, July 5, 2010


As all you Cape Town and JHB dwellers are aware, winter has arrived (I only know this because I was in the North Pole Cape Town last weekend and nearly died from cold.) With winter comes all kinds of Horlicks, creamy lasagne, Woolworths soups and litre upon litre of wine (and some times Tequila, but only sometimes). At the time of all this drunken Lasagne eating you don't really stress about its final destination. You are so freaking freezing you cant fathom a time when the sun will be smiling down upon your bootay and you will be carelessly frolicking in the foamies. 

So many people I know live their lives in the safety and security of the knowledge that they cant afford a Virgin contract or a personal trainer to whip their derriers into spectacular shape so they sip their wine in the comfort of the knowledge that they have a useful excuse waiting for rest their weary conscience on. Well my little lovelies here is the bad news- its all bullshit. You don't need to spend all your rubles on a nation wide Virgin Active contract or a strapping lad called Flavio in order to have an ass like a peach all you need is a little push and a friend and you are on your way. Our cities have so many beautiful greenbelts and mountains for you to explore and a smorgasbord of running clubs in every direction you look at and guess what... they cost you nothing. Think about it when was the last time you went up Lions head or explored Cecelia forest or took a trip to the midlands? 
Lately I have been trying to make a point of getting out and getting involved in the cheaper excercise options and I have found a smorgasbord of fun and exciting ways that make getting off your ass a whole lot more fun. If you have any ideas or exercise groups you are involved in please mail me and let me know so i can include them in the round up.

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  1. ok, you've made me feel like a lard ass, time to get some new running shoes and pound the flat pavements around musgrave (my new hood) - love that they are relatively flat (well that's if I avoid marriot etc!)- there's a jonas brother living on my ass and he isn't cool, so you've inspired me ;)