Saturday, July 24, 2010


My step mum is something of a crafting guru. She knits, crochets, bakes ginger bread houses with snowey roofs its crazy but awesome at the same time.Every time I go home she is busy squirreling away at something beautiful that I wish was mine. On my last visit home I decided it was time to make my dreams a reality. Step one was my knitting education- much to the birds horror- it started off being a bit of a birds nest train smash and lesson in serious patience and untangling but I finally conquered the cable stitch- you see my use of terminology-and I now have 2 fabulous throw pillows for my couch they are too cool. Now that project 1 is in the can I have been looking around for another project to quench my new found crafting thirst. This is where Mimi Kirchner comes in. Mimi is what is commonly known as a Fibre artist- no she is not the world champion all bran consumer (so childish I know but I couldn't help it)- but rather a seriously crafty fox who makes the most glorious wooly creations. I stumbled upon her dolls the other day and it was only this morning when i was pondering over the whole 'what on earth am I going to do with all my free time now that there is no knitting to be done" that I realised the answer. I am going to make my own Mimi Kirchner inspired doll. I'm thinking of making a man doll- the steamy circuis guy has me smitten the moustache is too irresistabe for words... 

I love the tattoos such a stunnnig idea- I wish it was mine.

wifey here is also muy caliente 

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