Tuesday, July 20, 2010


TOP: JT1 at Woolies    SKIRT: Zara    SHOES: froggie 

When it comes to shoes, I don't stuff around. They are something I don't mind spending on because a hot pair oh heels can make you feel 1000 times sexier than any wonderbra ever will. Last week the blonde came over for some dinner and greys wearing the cutest summeriest skirt but on her feet were the most delicious pumps/brogue, progues I have ever seen. On closer inspection I was shocked to find that they came from froggie. Now many of us young buckaroos myself included were under the impression that froggie only did sensible shoes that our moms wore- the sort of granny panties of the shoe world if you must - very comfortable and very practical but seriously unsexy. We were clearly wrong.  Go and check out their site here you will be thrilled:).

Those are the progues in question, they also come in black and tan if gold isn't your vibe (but seriously the gold ones are the bomb)

They had a little feature in last months Womens Health mag  I scanned them in for you to browse. You will notice that the boots are from a collection called Soul of Africa. This is such a cool project you can read up about it here that aims to create self-sustainable employment by teaching previously unemployed women to hand stitch shoes so technically you are helping our country out by buying these shoes its crazy its like you are saving the world by feeding your addiction this is too awesome.

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  1. Hi Lexi I love your blogspot! These dolls are a masterpiece and something I would love to tackle. I will need a sewing machine >>>thanks to you! x Ros