Wednesday, July 28, 2010

today i...

I am sorry for being such a useless this week I have been running around in a thousand directions getting my little business up and running but from next week things will be back to normal hooray- exciting things on the way but for now here is a leaf out of being brazen's book

Today I...

... could go to the gym and swim or sit on my ass hmmm tempting 
... drank a cup of fruit infused green tea and it was delicious
... wish I had a Canon 50d
... plan make my little budding business bloom into a giant flowery tree
... have absolutely no will power and will eat you if you stand to close
... realised just too many things had to be done
... can't seem to take my mind of you
... am in a very happy t shirt
... want to be 5cm taller
... feel rather giddy with excitement
... think I should stop procrastinating and get some work done

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