Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hello my lovelies, Happy St Paddies day to you all! I have been itching to publish this little beauty all week. Kim Gray is pretty much all the way the most lovely and most talented young woman/blogger/stylist/country road addict/DIY home decorator in the biz. It gives me great pleasure (puffing chest like a proud pigeon) to introduce you all the the extremely talented and always lovely Kim Gray.

1.Describe yourself in 10 words Homebody, nail polish lover, cheese cake eater, dreamer, bad speller

2. How did you actually become a stylist? Was it something you always wanted to do or did your passion evolve out of a previous job? I always knew I wanted to be involved in shoots. But I never knew in what role.  So I studied to be a make-up artist, but an internship at Marie Claire swayed my path and taught me everything I needed to know. So yes, my passion for styling was an evolving one. 

3. How did you get to the point where people actually started paying you to put things together to look pretty? A lucky break I guess. I went to see a photographer, Malcome Dare, he's brilliant, to do a test shoot, (that's when you all work for free to get pics for your portfolio / play / experiment etc.. ) Anyway, one day he had a big job for some car brand where a stylist dropped them last minute. In a panic they called me last minute to help out and it was the most daunting thing ever, but an opportunity not to be missed. I used my contacts I made at Marie Claire and got sourcing. They called me back for more big jobs after that.. and so I built the confidence to start showing my portfolio around to other photographers and Ad Agencies.

3. 10 steps of a typical day in Kim grays shoes goes like this... 1.) wake up (not my Favorite part of the day, love to sleep)    2.) play with puppy    3.) make coffee    4.) check mails    5.) blog    6.) either meetings, sourcing or shooting    7.) EAT (good part of the day)    8.) Glass of wine (even better part of the day)    9.) check blog, e-mails, etc 10.) Relax 

4. I have noticed a habit you have of celebrating your birthday by rewarding everyone else! What I would like to know is what item is number one on your Birthday list this year? 
Oooh either a Flip Cam or a Canon G12

5. What are your top 10 basics for the upcoming season?
I don't know if these are necessarily what you should be wearing - investing in, but I sure want to! 
1. I already have a couple of her prints, But I'm after the Skinnylaminx Cloudbird cushion in chalk board and the mandarin colour next. 
2.QMS Sprots Active Tinted Moisturizer - Addicted! It gives skin a healthy glow and bit of colour for winter - it's light and sheer and leaves skin looking luminous. 
3.Clinique Chubby Stick - Absolutely loving these crayons for adults for lips and cheeks.
4.Hunter Boots - Oooh How do you choose a colour? 
Sunnies - I love the D&G Aviators from Sunglass Hut- they suit pretty much every occasion 
6. Converse DC Comics Converse - love this design. it's just fun! 
7. Essie Luxedo Nail Polish. Love this deep plum for winter. Remember to keep nails nice and short. 
8. Leather sling bag - love this one from Old Khaki 
9. Snood - A beautiful cream or grey cable knit snood to cosy up in this winter like this one from Country Road.
I pick these shoes up every time I walk past - Love them. 
6. if you had to only wear one colour of converse for the rest of your life (a horrible question I know ha ha) which one would you choose and why? Grey, it's my all time favourite colour. My grey high tops are a shoot staple. Love them! 

7. I often see your early morning tweets when you are off gallivanting with the shape girls on sunrise shoots, now for the serious question, what are your tricks to help tired eyes look more like shiny bright young things? 
YSL Touche Eclat most make-up artist swear by it. Beauty Flash Ball for eyes - I love beauty Flash Balm, it totally tightens and brightens skin. Some hot sunnies will do the trick too :)
Behind the scene's from the Shape February cover shoot.
8. Talking of beach shoots, you were recently seen looking completely fab in the MarieClaire Naked edition! What 10 things were going through your mind when you were standing starkers on the beach?
Where are the bubbles, what are my inlaws going to say, I'm not really that naked, It's fine, You'll be glad you did it, puppies, Ooh I'm going to be in the Marie Claire, I hope this campaign does well, I hope no one saw anything, Wish I had gone to the gym more 
9.  What did you wear to your Matric dance? What do you wish you had worn to your matric dance? I wore a fitted raw silk, deep royal blue boobtube dress to the floor that slightly flaired at the bottom. I wouldn't ware it now, but I don't regret wearing it. It was pretty cool, I think anyway :) 

10.Who would you like to see interviewed in the next 10 things: Vicki Sleet of I want That. Unless you've done her?


  1. Thanks for the lovely words and the feature xxx

  2. I just love reading this blog, so easy to read and always makes me smile!! You are rad! x

  3. fabulous post, both of you girls rock xox

  4. So nice to learn more about her! Thanks for sharing! x

  5. Its was such a cool post to do, kim gray is my all time blog favorite, rad to learn new things about new friends:)