Monday, March 7, 2011


When it comes to things like Christmas, and Birthdays, I like to get over excited. I like to decorate any and every available surface, do the countdown and generally get all the way into the vibe. 

Another gal who is not scared to get her party on is Kim Gray. I swear, every year, I get more excited about Kim Gray's birthday than she does. Not only does she start the count down a month before (some thing that is very important when it comes to birthdays) but she has actually turned the day completely on its head and is giving gifts away rather than receiving them (I don't think im ready for this step yet!)  

Now, I feel that using the words Gifts is not exactly correct because if you take a little gander around, you will see that Kim is spoiling us readers bloody rotten. These babies are TREASURES that have been on pretty much any and every Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas and Wish list that has ever been written by a sane person, EVER. You have approx 30 days left to get your tush over to her fab blog and get entering alternatively you could ignore this last sentence so there is more chance for me:) Good luck y'all!

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  1. Ah you make my competition look even more fab! Thanks for the mention,