Wednesday, March 9, 2011


 When it comes to the whole feline trend debate, I have noticed that there are clearly two very different trains of thought. The first train, the one which I have hitched my trailer firmly too is the one that believes that

Catty vibes should be used sparingly and with extreme caution!

I believe that prints like leopard and tiger are best used in small doses merely, suggesting a little cheeky streak. Adding a leopard print heel to your staple of jeans and a white T can transform your casual day look into a sleek and sexy night look in only the time it takes to swap out your shoes. If you are wanting to take a bit of a bolder approach, you cannot go wrong if you combine a gorgeous print with a clean, modest cut, done impecably well by Scarlotte Johansen and Eva Mendez

It would seem that the other train veered off the tracks somewhere and came to a screeching halt in Snookie's lounge. These wierd jungle cats believe that the best thing to pair a bit of leopard print with is maybe more leopard print or even tiger print for those even more daring bezerk. Sadly these peeps end up looking like one of those wierd posters they used to print in the middle of the you mag that make your eyeballs all screwey.

Elle UK April 2011 Cover | Gwen Stefani by Matthias Vriens-McGrath

One chickie boo that is getting her tiger on in a good way is, Gwendolynne (I wonder if her real name is Gwendolynne or if she is just Gwen?) Steffani, rocks graces the cover of ELLE UK looking positively feline. Now i know that there is no cat print in this piccie but to me this illustrates the print perfectly. A bold feline prints is more like a feeling, its a cheeky, sexy spice that should be peppered lightly over ones wardrobe. Its the way you hold your body and the way you move and Gwen is moving in exactly the right way.  Golly this girl is a beauty.  GGGRRRRR.

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