Tuesday, March 1, 2011


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Being able to introduce CapeTownGirl to you guys is pretty much a big deal to me. It is also a little difficult as It would seem that I have her propped up on something resembling a bloggers pedastil and am now shrouded in a big cloud of nerves because I know she will be reading this and I want her intro to be really really rad. Her blog, CapeTownGirl- Tales of the pretty, is like a buffet of cool stuff all wizzing about in different directions. I often leave her page, feeling like I just climbed out of the grown up version of Mary Poppins handbag- the chick pretty much has it all covered from naked photo shoots on public beaches, to lunch dates with The Kardashians. She is pretty much living the life you are sitting at your desk dreaming about, but what is nice about this sassy lady is that she is willing to share it all with you, I hope you enjoy the read kids:)

1. Describe yourself in 10 words. . . I live under a rock. It is called Table Mountain.

2. What are the 10 essentials that every girl should have in her wardrobe? 10 items of clothing that suit your body and taste, and nobody else’s. I personally can’t have enough well-cut dresses – one-shoulder dresses (especially), maxi dresses, ¾ dresses  and short dresses. And then well-cut skinny jeans that have some kind of unique attention to detail are another staple.  Pepe Jeans keep me well stocked in both dresses and jeans!
Two of my favourites - a navy blue one-shoulder I wore to last year's The Vibe party
 and an orange print maxidress from Pepe Jeans which I wore to last year's SA Blog Awards.
And a pair of tie-dyed skinnies I wore all through summer, also Pepe.

3. Never in a million years did I think that ........
I’d pose naked in a mainstream woman’s magazine. Never! I am a huge animal lover though, so this was an ideal chance for me to get involved in helping a charity that I really care about, the NSPCA.

4. Which blog post are you most proud of?   Probably the Kate Middleton post. But I do have a soft spot for Tilikum the Whale and Panjo the Tiger. And I feel my open letter to those who use the 24-hour Engen in Gardens to be quite an important post, too. You’d understand if you lived here.

5.  Rumor has it you are an ex-Durbanite, care to elaborate?   It’s true, I grew up in Durbs, but moved to Cape Town to attend high school. I was a typical Durban kid, always outside, usually swimming. I still love Durban and I miss the thunder storms. The misty Natal midlands is a favourite holiday retreat destination. I’m definitely going to own a house there one day. With horses.
Pic: My brother and I in the pool as kids at our house in Natal.

 6. The bachelor you were seen canoodling with in the back of this months Marie Claire is coming for dinner, what are you cooking?   Hmm. That’s a tough one because he’s such a great cook, definitely better than me. I might attempt a meaty dish using NoMu’s one-for-all rub. It makes everything taste good!

7. What did you and Kim Gray chat about when you were standing next to each other in the nik?  About the novelty of being naked on a beach with strangers at 6am! We also spent a lot of time talking to the doggy as she just wanted to go to Mark (the photographer) the whole time.

8. What is the most surprising thing you keep in your handbag?  Hmm. Surprising? Let’s see… perfume, makeup, various Apple chargers, shades, macarons, moleskine, 8-hour cream, sunblock, tazer, … none of this is terribly surprising, is it? Although I get a surprise whenever I find a Vida Lindt chocolate in there. I’m always amazed I haven’t eaten it by now!

9. Every time I pop over to your fab blog, you are sporting a new pair of uber rad shades, how many pairs do you actually own?  Hmm. I haven’t counted them, but I do love them! I’ve always been a shades aficionado. To me, a look is incomplete unless you have the perfect pair of shades – it defines the style you’re going for. Sunglass Hut have incredible variety though. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly get a pair I didn’t already have, they get in a whole new range to covet and lust after.
1. These D&G Cat's Eyes are also favourites of mine  2. I'm loving these tortoiseshell Bulgari's at the moment  3. My batwing Wayfarers are a classic, I always have them in my bag  4. And these Tiffany shades are my winter favourites - they're very big and black and Audrey Hepburn

5. I adore these pearlescent blue Bulgari's I wore to the Queen's Plate, pictured here
with PopYaCollar's Sam Walker
(Do you see what I mean, this girl has like a bajillion pairs of shades!)

10. What is the coolest thing that has happened to you since starting CapeTownGirl?
Without doubt the best thing to come out of Cape Town Girl would be the amazing people I meet, some of them famous, some of them not. I’ve met people who have totally changed my life as a result of it, and I’ll always be grateful for that.

Highlights include meeting and chatting to Kim & Khloe Kardashian about blogging, has to be a highlight – it’s not every day you get to meet popculture entrepreneurs of that scale and chat to them about how they do what they do.
Experiences such as flying to the secret MTN iPhone 4 launch, and posing naked in Marie Claire to help the SPCA, have also been great things to be involved in. Being photographed by Andrew Brauteseth alongside Helen Zille for his Portrait of a Nation shoot was amazing.

I’ve also learnt to play the stock market with Global Trader - it's awesome to learn new skills. Let me stop – I could go on for days...


  1. Interviewing CapeTownGirl is a BIG deal. Thanks for the super post

  2. Thanks for all the lovin guys, it was super fun to do! if you are or know of anyone who is keen to get 10 thinged, drop me a mail