Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Guys are simple. They are not interested in mushy birthday cards or surprise parties complete with a flock of white doves. They don't drop complicated telepathic hints which will lead you down a breadcrumb trail of clues. At the end of the day, all they want is for you to wake them up on their birthday wearing nothing but a smile:) feed them some eggs and shower them in practical gifts that they can actually use. 

Today is the Bird's birthday, I spent a month in a state trying to think up the best pressie in the world, scouring our conversations for the kind of hints and silent clues I am used to dropping and came up empty handed- with zip, nada, nothing.  Then I realised that I was getting too female in my thinking- getting all surprise birthdayish and crazy giftish and really just driving myself crazy. So I made a list of man basics to try figure this whole man gift thing out- I think its pretty good:)

Man's basic needs
1. Beer
2. A Girl (preferably wearing his t shirt and a smile who brings him tea in bed) 
3. Food
4. Mates
so That is pretty much the man list for now. See below for instruction on how to fulfill these needs and save yourself lots of time.

Nothing says I love you like a case of Gabriel collective's finest. Not only does it make a rad birthday present but also the anniversary gift that dreams are made of.  Imagine how chuffed your man would be if his rock star girl friend had a a sexy bouquet of craft beer delivered straight to his desk:) Instead of that card you love that sings a ballad to him for his whole office to hear (This option is not an option by the way). For more info visit their website here or click here to enquire via email.

When you are deliver his warm birthday beverage of choice make sure you are wearing a custom, made to fit shirt by the crafty foxes over at Collar and Cuff. The process is ridiculously simple and the results will guarantee you a breakfast of champions. Head over to their website, make your demands and click order it is that simple. 

When it comes to the food category, you can never go wrong with YuppieChef. Not only are they the grand accessory masters of the culinary castle but they also deliver straight to your door, for free. I feel like I am making this too easy for you. These guys have every braai accessory a man and his 'buggers' can handle, including a braai lid with a temperature gauge on it, ridiculous.

If all else fails Rugby season tickets might be the answer you are looking for. This pressie is probably the best all rounder gift in the man category because you are not only giving him tickets to a game, you are giving him the go ahead to go out with his mates to a place where he can drink beer out of a jug whilst watching the cheerleaders shaking their bits in small bikinis at men savaging each other like those dudes in the Colosseum. It's fool proof if you ask me. Click here for more info.

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