Monday, October 4, 2010

Hi Ho Silver- away

For the last two years I have longed for one of Chloe Townsends astoundingly beautiful handbags. It is impossible not to look one hundred percent cool as hell with one of her creations dangling from your shoulder. The way she marries pattern and leather is nothing short of ingenious- the woman is one seriously talented little firecracker. Her label is called Missibaba- I can hear you going 'ooooh yea, I know that name I have heard it spoken from the lips of many a cool fashionista over and over again'.

 I love the one on the right- sigh

Two weeks ago Chloe Townsend launched her first seasonal collection of luxury leather goods, called ‘Cowboy’s Little Girl.'- Pictured above. And as per usual the collection is a roaring success. I have decided that it is time to make the plunge, sell all my worldly possessions and invest my pennies in one of Chloe's creations. I just cant sleep right at night knowing they are out there alone on a shop hook- I need to take one home and show it the love it so deserves.

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