Thursday, October 14, 2010

Freedom Tuesdays (not to be confused with Wacky Wednesdays)

Durbs is a buzz with the talk of Neil Roake's latest venture Freedom Cafe. I have been trying to get down there for ages to check it out and post some piccies for ya'll, but as usual I have been able to tick everything off my list except for that. 

Today I was doing my daily blog rounds when I found this awesome little tit bit on Ask ashe  and I absolutely had to share it. Up until now Freedom Cafe has been operating only by day but now my sweet readers, they are breaking out into the night scene- queue hoorays and applause! 

For now, their night time domination will only grace the dark skies of Tuesday, But im sure with time and many rounds fisticuffs for reservations they will slowly take the week. Here is their sneaky plan, “We love cooking and want to share our collection of food gathered from our travels around the world, cooked with local fresh ingredients. We can seat only 20 inside our recycled shipping container but if the weather is kind and balmy, then we can spill out into the moonlight so phone us on the day to see if we can take more outside. Book early please and grab some friends. This is food to be shared and enjoyed.”
Here’s a nifty calendar of the Supper Clubs planned for the future:

I Mean is this not the raddest vibe ever? I am very keen on the Tokyo with Eriko night (I wonder who is this Eriko sounds very mysterious:)  If you go please please send through some of your piccies , I am dying to hear what it is like otherwise you can send me an email and maybe we can go on a date:)

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