Thursday, September 9, 2010


This am I was doing my daily fb stalk- you know you are reaching old age when you are more interested in fb stalking pictures of milo ice cream than you are in the guy you only friended because he is a hottie's holiday piccies (don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about)-and I came across this ridiculously good looking recipe that I had to share. Yuppie Chef are so one step ahead it is frightening, it's like they knew I was in emotional distress and would need something to pick me up after the tidal wave of age washes over me tomorrow. The only bummer is that they use an ice cream maker which lets be honest, how many of you have an ice cream maker? yea... thought so. But don't sob just yet there is a way around this. Follow the recipe up to step 6. Then chuck your mixture in the freezer over night. Once it has frozen, take it out and use a hand beater to beat it until it is soft serve consistency and put it back into the freezer and let it re-freeze. Repeat this process 4 times. The reason we do this is to beat out all the ice chrystals eventually making the ice cream smooth. This way around does take a while longer and is a bit of a mish but it is well worth it. Now we wait for a recipe for tim tam ice cream oooh or tim tam mc flurry- Im going to go and email Mc D's bye.


  1. i can see you now, sitting at your mac, wrapped in a duvet munching on an entire bucket of ice-cream all to yourself!
    you best be ready to boogie tomorrow! - 25 is a great number to celebrate!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU LOVELY OF LOVELIES .... you model child, you!! The Photographer is right on the money .. 25 is beyond great ... just you wait and see!! Oh ... and to help you get over your '25' anxiety, if it's indeed any relief, tomorrow is actually the start of your 26th year .. yes, that's right .... 25 just came and went sweet child ... you are now surfing the beginning of the 26th barrel !!!!

  3. awesome recovery programme me think!!we all need this time to time!!