Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yay the new Womens Health mag is out! I am so so stoked they have finally brought it to South Africa (I have been buying the american issue from CNA for the past while at a ridiculously high price ) I know this post is a bit late- the mag has been out for a few months now- but I really must just let you folk know what a rad bananas mag it is. They have plench healthy tips and tricks as well as an awesome tear out work out section- this month you get a free dvd as well - so you can get your Jane Fonda on in sanctuary of your own home! Go check out their website too, it is totally awesome and jam packed with weekly give-aways and competitions you can even download workouts for your ipod! There really is no excuse not to get off your bootay anymore!


  1. i'm SO excited - i've been scouring the shelves every time i go shopping for the last ten days! yay for some nice me time this evening - i can't get enough of this magazine x

  2. I know it alays seems to come out after all the other mags have its kinds nice though coz by then i have already read my way through everything else

  3. Lex i took your advice and went and got it. Since im temporarily stuck in Underberg, Virgin and taibo are no longer a stones throw away which gives me an even better excuse then usual not to exercise. But i woke up this morning put about a hundred layers of clothing on and switched on the DVD machine. The ten minute workouts are great, just as you start getting really sore and bored you done and have a little inkling that i am going to be seriously stiff tomorrow. So you can give you and your blog a huge pat on the back for making me get my "spandex on"!