Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Most kids with real life rock star dads don't really have it easy, what with all the drug binges and eye liner borrowing and rehab stuff, Lets be honest it cant be a walk in the park having a dad like Michael Jackson or that weird guy from Kiss who has the skanky tongue. That's why It is ideal to have a dad who fits into the hypothetical rock star category- kind of like my dad. What is a hypothetical rock-star you might ask? Well I would say that a dad who reads his favorite daughters blog and then goes to Australia on business and buttons down the only pair of size 39 Country Road allegra over the knee boots on the entire continent pretty much defines that there word. Yes kids your little eye balls read that correctly:) Daddy dearest made all the calls, pulled out all the stops and managed capture the last remaining pair of boots left in the wild. The engaged one came to visit on the weekend- she delivered these endangered beasts safely to the sanctuary my little home where they have safely been introduced to their new habitat and let me tell you, they are fitting in just fine. Did I mention that she also brought a beautiful little box of Cassis macaron's -please see here for the correct use of the word- which she flew all the way from Cape Town with? (It would appear that the rock-star gene is filtering down nicely). I will be posting a photo montage of me taming these naughty beasts in the very near future so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time here is a taste of the sort of vibes I will be rocking for the unforeseeable future.

Blake Lively, Kate Moss, a model at Givenchy SS09 RTW, and Lindsay Lohan wearing over-the-knee boots.

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