Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As you all know I recently went to the beautiful sunny Thailand, soaked up some rays then I continued on to seriously compromise my credit rating in and around singapore. I came home with a bag packed full of ruffled sleeves, nauctical stripes and delicious bejeweled pumps that had me grinning like a pirate with a treasure map. 

No sooner had I done a complete fashion montage complete with music, a hairbrush mic and jealous friends when one half of my swagger was unpacked onto the floor of every Woolies nation wide Leaving the remaining half to the Mr P manequins. Is nothing sacred anymore? I understand that these brands strive to sate the savage appetites of us Topshop  starved fashionistas but what happened to the old days of say designing your own line, drawing inspriation from things you love and interpreting them your own way. I know I sound like a spoiled little brat and should be grateful that local stores are bringing us the very forefront of fashion items at very affordable prices but I am starting to feel like they are murdering a unicorn. Stores like Topshop , Zara and River Island are like full cream vanilla bean ice-cream, with a flake... and that scrummy caramel sauce stuff that you crack with your spoon. They are delicious, magical even and make you feel flipping fantastic but isn't it that naughty desperate craving for their scrumptious wares what makes them so special in the first place. It is not about the clothing, it's about the fantastic journey that goes with them. Its about knowing that you can only have a small taste because sooner or later that plane is going back home with you, your ashen credit card and your sticky, greedy little fingers strapped safely inside.

I often hear Vida latte clutching girls sobbing and sighing and using up all their eyelash wishes hoping in vein that one day these coveted stores will set up shop on our sunny shores but I hope they don't because then that feeling will be gone forever. That feeling of walking down the street knowing that girls everywhere are wishing they had your bag or swooning over your ruffly sleeves of nautical stripes or sparkly bedazzled pumps.

Am I being too dramatic here?

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