Monday, May 31, 2010


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Hello my lovelies and a very happy Monday to you.

Can you believe that we are headed into the last 30 days of the first half of the year?
I can't believe it has all gone so freaking fast – sherbs!
With the onset of the real-winter month, comes a flurry of new and exciting things from Durban Central. I have just freed myself of the old 9-5 shackles and am to embark on the adrenalin pumping but nonetheless terrifying adventure that is self-employment.
I have been breezing though my twenties with the whole “youth is on my side; I’ll conquer the world tomorrow” attitude. Recently however I woke up in one of those dead of night cold sweats to the ghastly realization that hit me like a tidal wave to the face. Holy Moley – I’m nearly 25.
The youngest recently helpfully pointed out that 25 is basically a quarter of the way through my life - and thats only if I’m fortunate enough to live to 100! If family-tree research is to be relied upon, I’m due for either altzeimers or a high dose of senility or both in the final quarter. The clock is ticking. I will only have full brain function for about another 25 to 30 years. So I have decided to take the plunge, put on the gloves, grab the bulls by the horns and do something dangerous and exciting - like Bella on Twilight when she jumps off that crazy cliff but without the the fiery red-headed vampire lady lunging for my jugular.

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