Monday, June 13, 2011


So this morning I took a little trip to the heart of Deepdarkafrica, I casually sauntered around the gorgeous smorgasbord of local artisans, designers & crafters gathering more and more pride and awe at the intense creative talent that the people of my continent posses, while my credit card gathered flames in my pocket. Do you know what the coolest part was? the fact that I got to explore the creative spark of africa without even leaving my seat. South African fashion & decor stylist and author of the super rad blog JUSTcos, Alexia Kondylis has launched this quirky little online store that aims to 'showcase this creative talent to a wider contemporary market & make it accessible to all whilst at the same time bridging the gap between established African artists and those without access to a greater market.' This chic has a serious eye for everything beautiful, these are some of my favorites...

Please go and support Deepdarkafrica here, check out the blog here and get your twitter on here .

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