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It is no secret, I have a total and utter obsession with stationery, in fact, when I met the Bird he told me that his mom owned a stationery and Scrapbooking shop, I'm not going to lie - that little nugget was pretty much what sealed the deal for me! Another thing I am a little obsessed with is wedding design, I spend a lot of company time stalking happy brides on every and any wedding site the web has to offer. My lovely friend Sam has kindly taken my two obsessions and married them, creating an utterly gorgeous bespoke wedding stationery design company that will make you want to renew your vows annually. Elephantshoe PAPERIE also offers a range of other wedding services from insane treat tables to styling the works. I hope you enjoy Sams little interview and enjoy her stunning piccies. Go and perve her website here.

1. Describe yourself in 10 words
Perfectionist with a sweet tooth and love for pretty things.

2. If you were an elephant, exactly what kind of shoe would you wear?
Oh gosh, I would definitely have a closet full of them but I guess as an elephant a pair of Country Road  thigh high boots would be my pick to cover up my wrinkly knees.

Take a look at this cute pic that Blackframe photography sent me of some Elephant fashion.
via Jodilee Sandler

3. What is your favorite project elephant shoe has been involved in so far?
To date, our project in collaboration with Blackframe photography titled, a Royal Affair has been my favorite. It involved the key aspects that I love, designing and styling and I really enjoyed working with the talented Andre and Maritsa. It all just came together plus it was featured on the pretty blog. We had so much feedback on our blogs and loads of people downloaded the free DIY stationery goodies to host their own tea parties to celebrate the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William.

4.  What are the current trends in the wedding stationery business?
The use of bold and alluring typography alongside playful and fun designs that reflect the story of the couple to be wed. There is also a shift towards anything that is vintage with a touch of country providing it is combined together to still feel modern and relevant.

5. When you were a kid, what did your dream wedding look like?
Strangely, I never really thought about my wedding as a child, I always dreamt about who the man would be that I would marry. My best friend Amy and I used to talk for hours about who our future husbands may be.

6. What are your top 5 places to visit when you need a good drenching of inspiration?
1.I love to look through old magazines, a splash of colour, a bold word or anything I find in there can give me inspiration.
2. The world of blogs.
3. Folders upon folders on my macbook where I have kept images I love over the years.
4. Bookshops, (that way I get to grab a café latte to aid in the inspiration process).

7. Whats the mushiest thing you have ever done in the name of love.
Last year before James and I were married, I went on a ski trip to Austria for two weeks. I left James with 2 boxes of 14 envelopes, each containing a love note for every day that I was away. Some of the envelopes had little treats in them, like chocolate, sweeties and even some money for James to grab a coffee on a lonely day.

8. The top 5 items on my wish list are:
1. an old but working letterpress machine (they are few and far between & difficult to find in South Africa).
2. an antique, wooden map drawer to keep all of my paper safe and happy.
3. a grey coat from Trenery.
4. a set of Pantone mugs
5. a grey, long v-neck jersey from Country Road

9. 10 words of advice you can give to someone on their wedding day....
Kick off your shoes, celebrate with your husband and guests.

10. What is your current favorite colour combination
I am in love with grey, all shades of it - gunmetal & charcoal grey, dove grey, putty grey, slate grey. You name it, I like it. I find it is classy, understated and down to earth. I recently said to my husband that he is lucky I haven't painted him grey yet. Even my cats is grey, her name is Mushroom.

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