Friday, June 10, 2011


So the other day I popped on down to my post box, I opened the bad boy up and rummaged through my usual bills bills bills, read up on pamphlets filling me in on the latest Penis enlargement potions from my local Sangoma, you know the usual. I was not expecting anything rad. Then a sweet little slip fell out the pile, you know the one, its that little darling with a not that says - hello lucky person! you have a ginormous and wildly exciting surprise waiting for you at the Post office! Is just so ginormous and wonderful that we can't fit in in your post box or in our delivery truck so please come on down and pick it up!
I wasted no time, grabbed the keys and headed straight for the Post Office. This is what greeted me- so much of cool.

The clever sausages over at Saatchi and Saatchi designed this gorge recipe book for Sasko, filled it with amazing illustration and design and really lovely recipes including everything from Koeksisters to Melktert. I cannot wait to whip me up some South African morsels:) 

How stunning is this cover? It totally makes me want to get my desperate housewife on. Its so lovely to see a brand doing sexy stuff- but then again I would expect nothing less form Saatchi.

Each recipe is accompanied by a stunning, simple piccie. Koeksisters, I always thought they were mad complicated to make, it turns out I have been pretty much wrong forever, cant wait to make some of these babies.


  1. Oooh! I totally want a copy of that. Gorgeous!

  2. it is so rad i will see if I can wangle a free copy for you darl x