Thursday, June 30, 2011


So lately I have been pounding a fair amount of pavement, the Knysna Half is finally upon us and I am as chuffed as all hell to get on down there and frolick my way through the forest with all the other smug endorphin chasers. When it comes to running I am pretty much completely and utterly beyond obsessed all the way addicted.  Some people dig yoga, others are into collecting weird stamps or funny shaped pebbles but I am all the way into running.  The cool thing about it is that all you really need is a pair of trainers and Bobs your uncle. But then again here at DC we are not into bare necessities (unless of course its the song, I am very much into Balu, I dig his swagger)  I mean come on, running is pretty fab and all but add some Foo fighters to the mix and suddenly you feel like someone is making a movie of your life and you are cruising down the road all hair blowing in the wind and you feel like the bees knees. The problem with this whole sound track fantasy thing is that the way in which you transport the Foo's from your iPod into your ear holes can either make or break it. Over the last year, I have run my way through a whole pay cheques worth of earphones, and I have finally rustled together my top three.

Opening the batting are your general In ear head phones, you know the ones, they literally are jammed into your ears making it sound like Taylor Hawkins Is rat a tat tatting on your ear drums. These guys are rad however my only worry is the fact that they are funneling all that sound straight into your head which can't be very good for those funny little hairs or that stirrup thingy. They are however really good for super cold days when the wind is whipping around your head and your ears are aching from the cold.

Next up are the Adidas PMX 680i Sports. These nifty earphones are designed specifically for sports nuts and I specifically enjoy the fact that they are both rain and sweat proof, something that has caused the death of many an ear phone in my house.  One set back however is the fact that they are not at all adjustable, so, for gals like me with small noggins the whole earphones staying on your head while you run thing can be quite irritating. 

I have decided to leave my absolute all time favorites till last. Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you, The Whip, made by Nixon and loved dearly by me every day. The Nixons are sleek and sexy, they come in a range of sweet colours from all black and sleek for ninja's to robot red or ultra violet for loud mouths like me. They are made from super light silicone and polyurethane making you feel like Mr Grohl is just trotting along side you singing sweet nothings into your ear. These bad boys are the bomb.

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