Monday, November 1, 2010


Have you kissed your man today? If not I suggest you do because come next week when your top lip is all raw from his bristly touche you will be wishing you had taken more advantage when you had the chance! I won't lie I'm kind of jealous that I can't partake, I pitched the idea of making a stand and not shaving my legs for the month but the bird was less than enthusiastic, also the thought of wearing only pants for a month was not really very enticing. 

Little mustache goodies always make me smile I wonder what it is about them that are so freaking hilarious? I have decided that since I can't grow an impressive touche- the bird is carrying the flame in this one, I would rather grow my love of mustache shaped goodies instead:) I think those light bulbs are such a cute idea they look like a little group of super intelligent ideas.

1. Alice-bands from here; 2. Mustache ring from here; 3. Key hook from here; 4. Lights from here; 5. Badges and Keep Calm T from here; 6. Bag from here

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