Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Being Wednesday and the middle of the week (nothing exciting ever happens on Wednesday) all I figured I would give you guys a little pick me up in the form of weekend entertainment. What are you up to? I am planning on hitting the DUT show on Friday night, I must say I had a little sneak peak of some of the designers stuff and I was totally blown away by some of the garments you should come check it out. Saturday will see me hitting Woolies for a cold bottle of Pierre Jordan Tranquille, some melba toast dippers and a little pate which will be accompanying me and my leopard print leggings to the Mango Groove concert in PMB.

 I went to the one in the Durban Bot gardens and it was an absolute hoot so I am giving you 4 days to call your mates, get organised, dust off your shoulder pads and make plans to hit PMB for a little fruit salaad. The show will start around 15h00 and will cost R150 smackeroos tickets are available at the PMB spar or on Ticketbreak. See you there:)

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