Friday, November 5, 2010


Oh.My.Lord have you even been to Freedom Cafe? Yesterday I was lucky enough to go on a lunch date with one of the Girls and I actually left feeling depressed, cheated in fact, that I have been living up the road for months satisfying my hunger with regular lunch things like cous cous and chicken salad when all along, my taste soul mate has been living practicaly next door. Travesty. I don't even think mo and I said a word to each other from the moment the food arrived we were both too involved in our sexy little lunches. I tucked into a tart made by the lord himself Wild Mushroom tart that just too ridiculously scrummy, a light, heart shaped, pastry shell stuffed full of all kinds of mushies- ooooh yum:) Mo had a squash Lasagne, I had a bite and then spent the rest of the lunch torn between loving mine and being jealous of hers! 

Our service was super, all the staff were really friendly and keen to tend to our every beck and call with giant smiles on their faces. Freedom Cafe comes highly recommended. 

Like I need help picking a pastry, why would I pick one and leave the others out- that's just nasty:) Nom Nom Nom

  XXX Mints with your bill, nice touch.


  1. Yum, that looks so great and I love the old fashion vibe of the place!

  2. yea its really really lovely when we were there there was this hysterical group of gals having a bozey lunch lends its self very well to business meetings of that nature!! I have had dirty dreams about that little mushroom tart:)