Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am so excited I could pop! I don't care what I have to sell to be able to raise the rubels to do this course. If you are a budding food blogger like myself, you should recognise this here bull and grab it by the horns, I sure as hell am going to:)

The Blogger Course
Photography for Food Bloggers aims to equip all those interesting people who are blogging about food with the skills to work at improving their photography and add to the quality of food images out there. Along with my comely young assistant Sarah, we will look at how a camera works and getting the best out of what you have, how to use natural and artificial light, making creative and styling choices, post-production and processing and then applying all this to food still-life and portrait photography. Discussions about the industry and the craft will be led throughout. And we'll feed you lunch.
See here for more info.

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