Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Treasures for Charity was started by Simona Mugnai and Nicola Ashe in 2009, when they discovered they had wardrobes bursting at the seams with stuff they never wore anymore, or had worn once and wouldn’t wear again! They knew there would be other girls out there who were in the same position, so they started canvassing their friends and families and soon they had a mass of clothing, accessories, shoes and handbags which they sold for charity at an event in November 2009. It was a phenomenal success and they raised over R25 000 for the Izulu Orphan Projects and the rest they say… is history!

That time of year has come around again and I cannot wait to be first in line. This is such a fantastic event and an awesome opportunity for us more fortunate fashionistas to cleanse our wardrobe and give back. On coming back from thailand I realised that I needed to evacuate a fair portion of my cupboard to make room for all my hotter younger things (The Nazi Boyfriend has expressed some negative feelings on my attempts at making inroads into his cupboard). Instead of sobbing and clutching and throwing my sad self around in protest I will happily get rid of my treasures I no longer wear because this tie I know they will go to someone who will love them as much maybe even more than I do. For all the details and drama go to their website treasuresforcharity.wordpress.com.

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