Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am so happy to be able to introduce you folk to this wonderful, crazy (sometimes border line insane) young lady. Che, author of the most sensational cartoonstrip on the planet blog IndieBerries is a hysterical blonde living in Korea collecting rad stationery teaching our fab language to the peeps over there. While she is not busy spreading the word, she is filling the world with big fat belly laughs with the adventures of her pink and blonde blog self. Next time you find yourself at your desk on Monday, hit up her blog for an instant pick me up. 

1. describe yourself in 10 words
Designer, daydreamer, can't cook, eats cereal, funny on odd occasions. 
2. What was your first ever cartoon about?
My first ever cartoon was ages ago and the style of my drawing and cartoons has really changed a lot. The cartoon was all about waiting for the bus that NEVER came when I had a about ten thousand errands to do and things to try and get done. haha.

3. Does your illustrated self wear the same thing everyday? Does she have a closet like on

Dexters lab filled with rows and rows of perfect little pink dresses?

Yes. exactly
4. Besides pink dresses, what are your top 5 can't live without items.
My style is very eclectic and some kind of eighties boho chic :) My top five favourites are leg warmers, ALL my bling,  classic black heels, scarves and nice underwear. :)

5. Which is your favorite blog post to date?
Mmm... tough one, but I think my favourite is the one where I was learning to ski. It was an all-round fail. haha. You'll have to check it out to see the full story. (Side note: I have NOT skied again since then. keke) Other posts which readers have really enjoyed include the Date Drive of Death series - which I did for the VW Date Drive Campaign. Heinous ways to kill your ex-boyfriend was also a very popular post. Turns out people are really into killing their exes.
6. You know how us caucasions are constantly tattooing 'deep' asian bits and bobs all over our bodies even though we don't know how to read the language, any radical mis-communications in your english class?
Once I saw a Korean girl who had tattooed onto her wrist "Save mind, use the small words for sound argument". Irk. Everyday life situations are frequently lost in translation and class time is often just a whole new world of hilarious. haha

7. Care to share your favorite strawberry related recipe (Daquiri's don't count:)?
Simple: Strawberries. Melted chocolate. You can't go wrong. :) Also... strawberries with black-pepper crusted cheese. Delicious!

8. Besides getting awarded your whole pile of South African Blogger awards silverware, what is the coolest most bodacious thing that has happened to you as a result of your blog?
Honestly, the greatest most bodacious thing that I get out of my blog is the awesome comments, emails and feedback that I receive from readers about my cartoons. It's a huge motivating factor to know that people really get a kick out of my drawings and humour - which is why I love people's comments so much and it keeps me doing what I do!  
9. finish the sentence

Maybe I should... kill the internet, turn my computer off and get into bed. (said at 3:30am)

I love...beautiful stationery, red wine, cereal, the internet, my friends and family.

I don't understand... banking, taxes, finance or anything really to do with money. I just spend it really well. (Note to self: must marry accountant)

When I wake up in the's about 7 snoozes past my alarm time and I'm already plotting what I'm going to eat for breakfast.

I credit card once. For almost three weeks. I didn't really know what to do. (see above). I found it in the end.

Life is full of...sneaky little twists.

I wish...for my own huge design studio- Very organised and airy and stocked to the max with beautiful stationery, papers and craft supplies. sigh.

Dogs...bark a lot.

Cats... are smaller than dogs, but they do not bark.

Tomorrow...I'm going to collect three photography films that I handed in to be developed. YAY! I have low tolerance...for rude, impolite, bad-mannered people. It's obnoxious.

If I had a million dollars... I'd take a super long backpack trip around South America and maybe around Africa too. Then I'd get some stationery importing up and running pronto and supply to awesome stores in South Africa. Next I'd buy a wonderful house with aforementioned design studio attached and spend my non-traveling days doing design work and making crafty things that everyone wants to buy. Would a million dollars go that far? (not good with money. ha)

I'm totally terrified...that i'm not going to get around to achieving all the things that I want to in my lifetime. Also, I'm terrified of frogs. I hate those little suckers. 

10. Where can we find you online?
twitter handle: @CheKershaw
Photography Portfolio:
Etsy Store:
Lomography Portfolio


  1. Thanks for having me! Those were fun questions to answer :)

  2. It was fabulous chatting with you Lady:) Thanks for taking time out to chat to us.