Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hello my lovelies, just to let you know that the latest Lonny Mag is out. It's a really lovely edition, I am completely in love with the story on the Lilly Pulitzer store- all the little doodles and bits and pieces, major major new house inspiration going on here. Anyway enjoy the read and keep your eyes out for the Chocolate Whoopie Pie recipe from the guys at Baked It is seriously good.

How glorious is this store?


  1. Hey there, LOVE your blog!
    LOVE this new mag! Is it an online mag or can you buy it? xxx

  2. thanks so much for:) im so glad you love dc! the great thing about lonny is that it is FREE yay you just click on the link and you can flip through it online it is so so lovely- enjoy