Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So many people spend the whole of January storing up all their mushy cooties, hatching sneaky plans to knock their 'person' off their feet, I literally heard of a company who will send a man in an orangutan suit to sing your lady a love song- but more on that later! and generally panicking about making their loved ones feel like loved enough ones. Although I absolutely love Valentines day (not as much as I love Christmas) and will find any excuse to wear red and bat the old eyelids, I think that springing little surprises on the Bird on normal days is a little more fun (also he doesn't expect it there for the reward is usually much much more flavourable favorable:) 
This brings me to these marvelous little his and hers doo-dahs from Amy Moss of Eat.Drink.Chic (one of my all time favorite blogs). If you click right over here you can download these little babies, print them out, use them wisely and receive your reward with open arms. If you think roses on Valentines Day brought you a good return, just wait until you take your 'little love nugget' a cup of coffee all wrapped in Love on a random day- sometimes I feel like I spoon feed you guys!


  1. LOVE those coffee cups! And cheers for the bloggy link x

  2. Amy's blog is literally a treasure trove, be careful though it is easy to get sucked in. i have lost entire days reading eat.drink.chic!