Friday, February 11, 2011


Oh my lord, so it is officially wedding weekend! I cannot believe that my big sister is going to be waltzing down the isle tomorrow- very very surreal indeed. All the wedding stuffs are being done, cake is being made (by moi- literally having sleepless nights over this 5 tier vanilla monster that is haunting my dreams!) and everyone is sufficiently panic stricken and generally, "just too stressed to talk right now!" the favorite choice of words from mom. 

I can't wait to share all the finer details with all of you and show you why I have been so quiet on the blog front lately. I promise you what I have lacked in the blogging department over the last month, I will make up to you in beautiful wedding extravaganza blog posts. All you soon to be brides hold your breath, you are soon to be inspired!


  1. ooooohhhhh yay YAY i cannot WAIT to seee :) sounded amazing and she looked gorgeous wow - saw the pic <3 shoh.

  2. she was the most beautiful bride you have ever seen, the wedding was absolutely freaking awesome i cannot wait to post it all up yay