Friday, February 11, 2011


This weeks 10 things are with a girl who can only be described as bodacious! Nicola ashe of AskASHE is something of a firecracker with a nose like a bloodhound for a party. Her blog is packed full of all any number of quirky things which is what makes visiting her lovely blog on a daily basis all the more exciting.

1. describe yourself in 10 words ... raucous, naughty, bossy, organised, networker to the extreme, honest to a fault, voluptuous, creative, resourceful, ambitious

2. In real life, I am a single workaholic but I eventually want to be a domestic goddess

3. the weirdest thing I ever woke up wearing was false eyelashes – I had been too tipsy to take them off (AVOID this at all costs!)

4.  at this  moment the content of my handbag is comprised of ... makeup bag, notebooks, hand wipes, keys, blackberry, wallet, camera, date book, oh and a wide array of hair elastics in various degrees of stretchiness

5.  10 things I currently long for.... My own home with almost everything white, a white kitchenaid mixer, a weylandts expense account, a smitten boyfriend, a Victoria's Secret model's booty, an original Rob Ryan lasercut artwork, a rad vintage bicycle, a tattoo but I'm too scared, uncapped ADSL at home, a Jimmy Choo handbag (dream on!)

6.  If I was a boy I would be a rock god!

7.  I secretly luuuuuuurve The Bachelor/Bachelorette but have been to embarrassed to admit it (up until now that is)

8.  If my house was on fire the first thing I would grab is my jewellery from my grandparents

9.  Tequila or patron? (mixing them together is not an option) Coffee Patron - the devil's elixir, but we've partied together too many times for me to abandon him now

10. If I was stuck on an island where people could only eat 1 thing for the rest of their lives, I would eat Wow, only 1 thing? Ok I choose a filletwithcreamedspinachandlemonmeringue!


  1. refreshing! and this babe is from durbz - rock on!

  2. AskASHE is my number one go to for whats happening, whats for dinner, and whats news in Durbz.

  3. I had to laugh at no. 8, because for a split second I thought she meant, grab the jewellery from her grandparents and leave them behind, but then, of course, it all made sense! LOL.

  4. love BOTH your blogs girls! rock on x