Monday, June 21, 2010


You know that awesome moment when you crash into the hottest guy you have ever seen in your life, you go crashing to the floor, legs all over the show and then your handbag conveniently empties out its entire contents along with a deluge of tampax you swear you have never seen in your life. He walks off into the distance while you are left chasing tampax that have now rolled in every direction. Don't pretend you don't know what im talking about. Now this has been happening to women for years and years and it has become something we have learned to just shrug off and accept- that is until now. Finally someone has taken some incentive and come up with a really lovely solution to every girls cringe moment. Enter Ava  Secrets.

" The gorgeous tins keep your Secrets neatly and discreetly in your bag or bathroom meaning no more flimsy packaging, embarrassing spills or damaged tampons. Ava Tins are reusable and are perfect for storing little treasures such as hair clips, buttons and pins. Refill boxes are also available for when your tins run empty." 

These little beauties are available at all Clicks stores nation wide

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  1. Brilliant work! Your images are beautiful and I love Ava Secrets!! x x Ros