Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My country road boots are going to go down a treat on the river beds

I am too excited, come morning time the Bird and I are jumping in the beast and driving off into the sunrise. You heard it peeps Im going for a bush whacking tiger fishing off road extravaganza to Caprivi. The Bird's family are serious fisherpeople so the pressure is on either I reel in some kind of freakishly large tiger beast or thats its. Yesterday the bird and I went on down to the fishing shop- do you know that fishing shops have the most incredible collection of feathers and wild bananas thread colours- the Bird cruised around with his professional pants on talking rapalas and spoons and japanese makrel while I darted around like a glossy starling possessed shopping for my styling kit and rubbing all the soft feathers on my cheeks:)

So we left clutching our bags of goodies the birds with a new fishing rod- called the passion stick- can you cope Im not even joking that is the name printed on the rod bah a whole heap of hooks and sinkers and professionalism me with my bag stuffed with feathers and pink thread. At the end of the day there are two ends to this tale, 1- we go on our adventure and I emerge a triumphant tiger wrangling bad-ass or, I come home with a huge collection of beautiful feathered headbands. There is no loser here either way this is going to be swell.

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  1. sounds like a blast! - explains why its been a little quiet around here! - when are you back?