Friday, July 31, 2009


I have been so excited to get home from work all day just so I can share my first ever guest post with you. Lianne Scher sent me this great recipe and astounding picture of a cupcake she made for the Martha Stewart cupcake competition. It was only once she had slaved over this lovely creation all day, taken the picture and tried to upload it onto the ms site that she realised that the competition is only open to us citizens (totally unfair in my book). The good news is that Lianne mailed it to the girls at MS living anyway and to her surprise she got an email back from them to say they had sent the mail onto MS herself ! 


Here is the recipe which for me has to be the most delicious ,and moistest cupcake I have ever tasted , this is a recipe which I have had for years , the original asks for berries of any kind which I obviously omitted. The name of the recipe is Friands.


1 cup ground almonds
1 1/2 cups sifted icing sugar
1/2 cup flour
175g melted butter
6 egg whites
2 tsp vanilla essence


X Combine all dry ingredients
X Beat whites to a soft peak and fold in the dry ingredients and the melted butter as well as vanilla until evenly incorporated 
X Put spoonfuls of the mixture three quarters the way up the case 
X Bake at 190 degress C for 25 minutes or less depending on size of cases being used

For the icing you can use any butter or cream cheese frosting , which after spreading on the cupcake. I sprinkled with coconut to give the affect of snow. I used an extra large sized muffin pan so that it would be in proportion to the "little house". If you were using berries in this recipe finish off with a dredging of icing sugar . 

The house was made of gingerbread to which no raising agent was added , the roof tiles are of wheaties cereal , the flag pole of gingerbread , the flag  rice paper which I put through the printer , the window pane  a shard of caramel which gives it a wonderful warm glow when the little candle is lit , I drilled a hole in the chimney to allow for a flow of oxygen , the little pebbles are balls of gingerbread pressed between fingers before baking,the logs on the side of the house are gingerbread and then the detail is of course royal icing, including the little bird 

I hope this gives you some inspiration to try and bring you as much joy as it did me .

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