Saturday, August 6, 2011


My current favorites is the Moleskin Recipe Journal and anything from the Kiki-K kitchen section. I have recently been lucky enough to get my paws on one of there recipe boxes packed with gorgeous recipe cards- absolutely Love it to bits.

How often have you been to a mates house and had something really really delicious, scribbled the recipe down onto a scrap piece of paper, put it in your bag or pocket and then lost it immediately? This used to be how I rolled until my mum gave me the most beautiful Roger La Borde recipe journal. My recipe journals are now some of my most prized posessions. Infact if my house caught alight, my handwritten recipe books would probably be the first thing I would grab. These scruffy, scribble filled books are filled to the brim with the recipes I treasure the most. The kind of recipes that do not come straight out of the bajillions of cookbooks that I have but rather the ones I have pinched from boozy dinner parties, been gifted by my mother, and mothers of friends and inherited from friends long gone. A recipe journal is something that every person should have, they make fantastic gifts - don't just give someone a blank one though, buy it, fill it with your favorite recipes and let them add to it. The lazy state in which we have become so accustomed to living means that some of the most beautiful old recipes are disappearing. It is so much easier to just go to Woolies and buy dinner prepared than to whip it up old school like your mom and moms mom used to do, but lets be honest, nothing is better than mom's cooking.

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