Monday, June 29, 2009


The long awaited day has finally arrived! this blog has been in the making for who knows how long and it is finally up and running:) now all that is left to do is pack it with scrumptious recipes, and delicious details for everyone to share and enjoy here goes...


  1. The biggest CONGRATULATIONS to Lexi ... doing just one of the things that she does so well .. you always were and shall remain "very special".

    As soon as I have the time I shall also add one of my personal favs .. an old-time winter warmer from my years spent in New England ..... Seafood Chowder .. a dish with which you should be familiar, as I introduced you to it more than a decade ago .... instaed of the traditional clams, so tastily harvested around Cape Cod, the base ingredient of this chowder is smoked haddock ... along with whatever other fishy morsels are handy and which tickle one's fancy at the time. All good things are worth waiting for ... so hang in there chowder-lovers ... all will be revealed before winter has left us!

  2. Lexi - well done! Dad has said it all - you are the best! Look forward to your recipes.
    Love Ros

  3. I am so proud of you for doing this my special friend, and am glued to the computer, I look forward to reading all your exciting recipes x